HAcsHRHeather María Ács is an award-winning performer, writer, filmmaker, drag queen, and cultural worker. Her work explores queer, radical subcultures, punk/d.i.y. aesthetics, and femme-inine identities. Her company, FemmePower Productions, centers marginalized artists in front of and behind the camera. She is working-class raised, Appalachian, and mixed-race Anglo-Xicana, based in Brooklyn. Her work has been presented at festivals, theatres, galleries, conferences, and universities internationally. She is the co-founder of Heels on Wheels, a queer femme-inine spectrum, all genders arts organization and winner of the LAMBDA Literary Award for Glitter & Grit, a queer performance anthology. [heelsonwheelsroadshow.com] She has worked with Cherríe Moraga, Mx. Justin Vivian Bond, Nao Bustamante, Taylor Mac, Karen Finley, Lois Weaver, Justin Elizabeth Sayre, J. Ed Araiza (SITI Company), Steven Soderbergh, and Paula Pell (SNL). She is a university professor and has been a teaching artist in public schools for over 15 years. She also facilitates workshops on arts education and queer femme-ininities. Past engagements include: Duke University, Hampshire College, Concordia University, SUNY New Paltz, Kingsborough Community College, and multiple Femme Conferences.

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  1. Hi Heather,

    This will probably seem completely random but hopefully not stalkerish. I saw a picture of you with the cast of Queer Outsiders on Bevin Branlandingham’s Tumblr and your name jumped out at me. You wouldn’t happen to be from WV would you? A lifetime ago, I was in a play called “Gone Tomorrow” by Dan Kehde with a girl named Heather Acs. Any chance you’re one in the same?

    If not, sorry to bother you! Your work looks amazing, by the way!

    -A fellow fierce femme

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