VALENCIA (the movies)

Blink directed by Silas Howard


VALENCIA (THE MOVIES) is an epic DIY collaboration between 21 filmmakers, each of whom has accepted the challenge of translating one chapter of the award-winning novel Valencia into a short film.  Bringing together filmmakers and other media artists, including photographers and video artists, Valencia will retell the cult classic story of one twenty-something queer girl’s romp through 1990s San Francisco, earnestly chasing urban adventure with a down-the-rabbit-hole sense of wonder.

Once completed, the string of films can and will be shown together, as well as each be able to stand alone as short narrative films, creating 21 short films that operate together to tell a sprawling and energized narrative.  Silas Howard recently directed CHAPTER 9, in which Michelle (played by Heather Acs) finds herself, and her lover Iris, in the maelstrom of Iris’s sister’s southern Baptist wedding. Culture clash in the midst of family dysfunction and a near-dog-tragedy come to a head as we witness the complications of judge-y escape artists trying to go home again.

An interview about VALENCIA (THE MOVIES) can be read on the Radar Productions Website.

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