Heels on Wheels

The Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow started in 2010 out of the desire of two artists, friends, and activists Heather Acs and Damien Luxe to Live The Dream — and to share the DIY philosophy behind The Dream across the US with political art works, regardless of their lack of traditional supports like, ya know, money.  Fueled by underemployment and the conviction that queer, feminine-spectrum folks’ art works are critically important to share, the Roadshow has gathered many collaborators and friends, and become an annual spectacular of femme power and community that is 100% femme powered.  Heels on Wheels is a queer, working-class led organization committed to anti-oppression and a liberatory, radical, feminist, transformative framework to our work.

Watch clips from the the Heels on Wheels tour.

Vist the Heels On Wheels Roadshow website.

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