Creative Strategies for Resistance

Creative Strategies for Resistance: Exploring Educational Theatre Techniques / Exploring Gender & Sexuality through Educational Theatre Techniques

This workshop offers participants a chance to experience the practice of Educational Theatre. Educational Theatre practitioners use theatre as a tool to explore issues, incite dialogue, and practice strategies in classrooms and communities of all kinds. Drawing from the performance and educational theatre practices of the SITI Company, Sojourn Theatre, Cornerstone Theatre Company, and Theatre of the Oppressed, participants will get on their feet as the facilitator guides them through a series of exercises that include movement, improvisation, writing, image theatre, newspaper theatre, and performance composition. These techniques serve as pedagogical structures with the flexibility to incorporate content of any kind. Educators, community organizers, artists, and students interested in leadership will all find relevant material in this workshop. Participants will walk away with a practical set of tools and techniques they can use in a variety of educational and creative settings.

Approximately 1-2 hours in length.

Tech: Large, empty space with enough room for participants to move freely.

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